Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 

What a wonderful day to work outside with your fellow museum members.

I tried to get pictures of each project taking place on Wednesday.

 1. Removing the panels on the G-Scale building so we could determine what bolt size were used or maybe the missing treasure.

 2. Adding shingles to the information board roof.   

 3. The finished project.  Great job!

 4. We now have a clean Motor Car house with the floor and equipment pickup - now you can get in without falling. Great Job!

 5. Track work - replacing ties and all the work that goes with this work.

 6.  The next  pictures are the best - lunch and all those wonderful desserts.

Our cat even like the doughnut holes!

 7. Last but not least - 2 steam crew members unloading oil for #17.

 Thanks for coming out and sharing the fun and work with your fellow museum member.



A Big thank you goes to Dave Brook and his crew for cleaning up the motor car house and storing items so that are not damaged. Also for getting the two speeders running. I understand your crew is going to start working on the crew speeder.

Also, thank you for painting the front and cleaning out the gutters.

Thank you Ted Richman for getting the fire extinguishers recharged.

Thank you Bob Youngblood (new member) for bringing your speeder knowledge to the railroad.

Also a thank you goes to Rob Bergmuller for getting the fuel tank repaired.

I need to find your comments about when you call the local auto parts dealer.

I like to have Ted Dunn add them to the Members' web-site.

It was "fun" riding in the speeder yesterday.

A BIG thank yougoesto each of you for volunteering your time and talents to our railroad and museum. A JOB Well Done!.

 Do you realize we had 19 members for our luncheon yesterday?

Thank you to those of you who provided the desserts -

Gene Harshbarger's brownies (really his wife Joan made them)

John Betz's whip cream and fruits - yours keep getting better each week.

Jay Horn - the doughnuts holes - our cat enjoyed them too.

It was good to see Brain Hack and Bob Majors back with us.

 Scott McElwaine took the day off so he could also join us.

And the weather was perfect to sit out side and enjoy a wonderful time with our fellow members.

Thank you volunteering at our railroad and museum.


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