Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 

We had several new people join us this week.  An updated list of the Wednesday Crew will be posted soon.

Here is a message from one of our new arrivals:

Since this was my first day I needed to become acquainted with your layout and tool situation.

I repaired the plastic chain for the driveway. I still plan to come up with something better than rope to attach it to the center post.

The N&W Caboose had 7 windows needing covering. John Vass and I finished 5 of them. There are 2 more which remain. There are many Halloween decorations which need better storage in the caboose. Is there a large plastic container available for this?

I had a great day. Thanks for your patience with me.

Glenn McNitt

Thanks Glenn and John

Here is our list:

1. continue painting the building.  Close to being finished

2. build a new ramp to the battery storage building.

3. clean up the area around the 110 information board.

4. repair the plastic chain used to block the railroad's neighbor's parking area.

5. dig out the catch basin for it's new construction

6. cover the windows in the N&W caboose

Plan to arrive by 9am.  Bring your lunch and water since it going to be one of those really nice warm days.


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