Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 

We all have fallen in love with our new toy.  The golf cart.  Thanks to Mack it is now branded with our NHVR initials.

Today we modified the design of the picnic tables and tightened all of the bolts.  The new design added cross timbers to stabilize the tables.  The new design was initiated by Leon.  Leon, our master hand saw carpenter, cut the cross timbers. Charles, Ted and Robert B. installed the pieces.  John B. and Pete tried to distract us while Robert M. rode around in the golf cart.

 Billy took the scissor lift for a ride over to the mansion to trim the trees.

 Dr. Bob was working on the north end of the box car with the assistance of the Pantone famly.

 Bob Hartig continued to strip the paint off of the caboose.

 Jim Meade was replacing the windows in the caboose.

 We missed not having our coffee break today.  

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