Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, September, 12, 2012 

Gene and Kevin were terrific with our 20" lawn mowers in the parking lot.  

Mack got the "new" 60"' mower running for a while but it died again.

Leon was doing his best to keep Gene and Kevin working next weekby fertilizing and 

reducing our fire ant population..

Dave Chasco, Robert Bergmuller, Robert Middour, Ted and David Brooks 

road the High Railer to the Stairway to Oblivion for a site survey of the haunted house.  

Here are before and after pictures of Tank car 9397.  Also attached is a movie how it was painted.

This is the tank car which "lives" north of our line at New Hill Olive Chapel Road.

A VERY BIG Thank YOU goes to Fred DeBuhr and his crew for getting it ready last year.  

Bob Hartig, Justin Hartig and Ted Dunn gave it a new coat of paint.


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