Wednesday Crew

The Bonsal Golf Club 

Using our personalized golf cart.

To start the cart:

(Don't forget to unchain it.)

1- Lift the front seat and set the switch to RUN

2- Unplug the charger and timer from extension cord.

3- Unplug the charger from cart under driver’s position.

4- Turn "ignition" switch on

5- Cycle the Forward/Reverse switch.

6- Press the GO peddle.

To park the cart:

1- Lift the front seat and set to switch to "NOT RUN"

2- Plug the charger cable into the receptacle up driver’s position.

3 -Plug charger with timer into extension cord. 

4- Set timer for 8 hours.

5- Chain cart to our temperature and humidity controlled storage bin.

6- Return key to office.


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