Wednesday Crew


    BRAKES                                 CONDOS                              DRAIN                             FROG THREAT                     PAINTERS

It was a beautiful day at Bonsal.  We had a full crew today.  Since

 Hook and Pete were not there today I think my chances of being slapped
 with another law suit is minimized.
 Charles was adding air-conditioning to one of condominium units. With
 the added amenities he can increase the rent.
 Rob, Dave and me were cutting rail to cover the drainage ditch near the bridge.
 Doc Majors was busy painting.  He took the time to warned us that the
 Chapel Hill Occupy Wall Street people were moving south to start an
 Occupy Bonsal movement.  It has something to do with the noise we were
 making as we cut the rails.  It seems  it was inhibiting the sexual
 activity of an endangered frog specie indigenous to the New Hill, NC
 area.  I hope he elaborates on this issue because we will be making
 noise again next week when we cut some more rails.
 Mack was busy removing the steel plates that were welded over the
 windows in the metal caboose.
 Bob and Justin were painting our excursion cars with the help of Paul.
 For our Community Out Reach program for the day, we donated a few
 quarts of old fuel (gasoline and oil) used by 2 cycle engines to a
 passing motorist who ran out of gas!
 Cory and Billy were rebuilding the brake systems on the excursion cars.
 Doug joined us for lunch and conversation.
 Of course Jim and Chris were working on the right of way.
 Thank you all for helping out today,

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