Wednesday Crew

Field trip to Cass WV Friday through Sunday, Sept 14, 15 and 16.

There were five vehicles in our caravan.

John Tredway drove from Holly Springs with Brian Hack, Bob Hartig and Justin Hartig.

Robert Middour drove from Chapel Hill with Scott, Ted Dunn and his friend  Gary Carlson.

Ted Richman drove from Wilmington with Dave Mathews and his friend Neil Fowler..

Gene Eschmanngen drove alone.

Rich Opaluch drove up with his son.

Some of us rode the train Friday evening, the Ribs and Rail dinner train to Whittaker Station.

On Saturday morning we took a guided tour of the shop at Cass where they were restoring a Climax engine.

We all rode the train to the top of the mountain at Bald Knob

On Sunday some of us (Gene, John, Brian, Justin and Bob Hartig, Robert, Scott, Ted Dunn and Gary) traveled to Durbin to ride the Durbin Rocket (a restored Climax).

Rich and his son along with Ted Richman, Dave and Neil traveled to Roanoke to tour the museum.


We traveled to Cass two years ago and we all had a great time.

We will also ride the Durbon Rocket and if time permits visit the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.