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   Baofeng Radios

Baofeng Radio   8/19/19

UV-82 MK5    UV8203582   MIRKIT edition NHV 12  
Sold by bidot84 ( 106 ) Order number: 17-03745-12701 Processed by PayPal  Price $49.89

Baofeng Radios 8/28/18

              Invoice for 6 radios

 Model     Sn

UV-82HP    5UV-8251334  NHV 6
UV-82HP    5UV-8251497  NHV 7
UV-82HP    5UV-8251475 NHV 8
UV-82HP    5UV-8251339 NHV 9
UV-82HP    5UV-8251499 NHV 10
UV-82HP    5UV-8251479 NHV 11
Protection Plan Details             Proof of purchase
Protection Plan Serial Numbers:
999095666100638                 999055696100633
999025686100639                 999018517100632
999065696100632                 999017506100639


  Baofeng Radios 7/27/17

 Model     Sn

UV-82HP     5UV8238542
UV-82HP     5UV8238662
UV-82HP     5UV8238692
UV-82HP     5UV8238875
UV-82HP     5UV8238834    NHV01   NOT WORKING Receive only

11/9/17   Speaker/Microphone   $8.50

UV-82HP User Manual

To program the radios, download chirp.
Set the frequency to 160.425000 in channels 1 and 2 or, use the file below, NHVRY Settings
CHIRP File for FactorySettings


CHIRP File for NHVRY Settings       9/5/17

This version turns off FM radio switch and has auto lock enable. The auto lock allows # key to unlock but re-locks the radio after 15 seconds.


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