Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We had another good showing today.  The rain held off until we completed our work.


Billy was installing brake valves.

Jim installed another widow in our metal caboose.

Mack helped move the scrap metal in the parking lot.  Both Paul and Doug were

helping Mack.

Charles continued to work on the condominiums.

Bob Harting and Justin painted car 101.

John Betz came down to install the nameplates on the excursion cars.

Rob and I, with the help of Leon and Pete finished the grate over the new drain near the bridge.

Scott was grading the area behind the parking lot.

Robert Middour joined us for lunch.

Doc Majors showed us a replica that he had made of a railroad mail bag.  He is sending it out to be completed.  The top of the bag needs a leather frame to match the original equipment version. 

The Pantone family was supposed to help with the grounds, but they were still sleeping when we left.





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