Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 


Here is our list:

1. continue painting the building. It is looking real good.

2. repair one of the loading platforms.The deck is coming loose from the post

3. unlock the kitchen door - someone locked the door knob - who has a key?

4. build a new ramp to the battery storage building.

5. rake the rock off the area around the 110 information board.

6. replace the plastic chain used on the loading platform for car 202

7. repair the plastic chain used to block the railroad's neighbor's parking area.

8. dig out the catch basin for it's new construction

9. stencil the numbers on the white fencesections and posts

Plan to arrive by 9am. Bring your lunch and water since it going to be a really nice day.

Thank you to those who volunteered yesterday. We had 758 riders.

 had a wonderful breakfast made by our on crew members - John Betz, John Tredway and Paul Baschon. You can view their and all pictureson the Members' web-site below.

Thank you volunteering.


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