Wednesday Crew

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reference Drawings:      Platform Electrical                   Platform Electrical Conduits          Wires Removed 3/26/14

Good Morning,
I hope you rested well last night.  I was very tired from all our exercise on Wednesday.
We did a great  job getting the white fence back up, removing the fencing, wiring and the 3 platforms from the Daisy side of the track.
Meanwhile, John Betz continued to work on his Story Time canopy and securing the new canopy frame.
Rob and Leon continued to install lights in the boxcar.
Dave Brook and Rye helped Bob Majors repair the RPO fans.

I received the email below from David Mathews this morning.  We consulted with him yesterday on the wiring he had installed on the Daisy Street side.
David couldn't join us as he is having knee surgery next Tuesday.
I have also included Ted's report (below) on what he and Don did concerning the wiring.
For the last picture, John Betz had these signs made and they are now posted on the board across from the ticket booth.
Thank you for volunteering your time and talents at our railroad museum.

Wednesday March 26th 2014


For the delivery of the S1 engine three of the four unloading platforms on the Daisy Street side of the house track were removed.

 The handicapped lift was also removed. It will be installed on 200’s platform for the April 12th ride day.

 All electrical boxes have been removed EXCEPT for Box 1.

 All conduits have been cut below grade EXCEPT to box 2 next to car 100.

 All conduits that were cut have tie plates with orange paint covering them.

 All cables have been pulled from the underground conduits EXCEPT the cable from circuit breaker 15 in the office to the junction box next to car 201.

This wire was folded into the hole left when the 4X4 mounting post was removed.

 The low voltage cables for the “blue light” system are lying on the ground.

The low voltage conduit that crosses under the track is exposed on the Daisy Street side. 

 The utility outlets work on all infield platforms and car 200 on the Daisy Street side.

The Blue Light system works for all of the infield platforms

 Here is the link to the diagram of electrical power to the platforms on the Wed crew website:


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